Secret CEO

Meet the world's most ruthless CEO. He's hunting down the top talent out there. This year alone, he'll acquire nearly half a million bright young minds. He's killing the competition. Literally.


Ending malaria is within our grasp. This would not only save 10 million lives, but it could also unlock $4 trillion in economic output by 2030 for some of the world’s poorest countries.

For World Malaria Day 2017, advocacy group Malaria No More UK wanted to catalyse business and political support to defeat the disease by 2030.

At the heart of the campaign, they wanted to showcase a video imagining malaria as a business. We created the concept of the “Secret CEO” - a persona to share the video surreptitiously ahead and allow target influencers to easily repost the film across social networks - without giving away the reveal.

The campaign had more than 45 million opportunities to view within the first day of the launch, and the video topped 265,000 direct views across social media.

The Secret CEO concept garnered support from celebrities (Richard Branson, Andy Murray, Stephen Mangan) and stakeholders (Gates Foundation, UN’s Roll Back Malaria). Our supporting assets helped to bring in wider target audiences - from business (the CBI), the political (MPs & cross-party groups) and stakeholders (the UN)

It won campaign won PR Week’s Campaign of the Month for April 2017.